Doorphones – Videophones

Effectively monitor the entrance of your building keeping away uninvited guests. We Offer you 3 years warranty!

The range of video door entry system which we offer is an excellent solution to manage the door of your personal space. It is installed easily covering every space you want. These systems give you the ability to connect your mobile phone with them. Also you can connect via IP to manage all monitors remotely.

Products we prefer to use

DT17 monitor highest resolution can be 800x480p.

GE NX-1516-GR (16 ζωνών LED)

DT47MG monitor supports Fish Eye 180° function.

Sunlight 12V/7Ah

DT-607/ID/S3 Colourful control panel comes with wide diagonal lens camera (CCD 500TVL 170°).

Sunlight 12V/1,3Ah

DMR21/ID/S4 Control panel is attached with a card reader for RF cards (up to 320 users).

ARITECH AS505 116dB (polycarbonate)

Intercommunication issues

It is quite common in many residences that the doorphone (or more than one) will stop working effectively after a certain point. The most usual doorphone problems are bad sound quality, complete lack of communication and even inability to open the door. Such problems we may find at Videophones too (lack of image). These problems may create a security breach in our intercommunication since we will not be able to effectively control the entrance of our home.

Upgrade your doorphone to a Videophone

There is quite a significant chance, that the company who installed our doorphones will not have stocked the necessary replacement parts to repair our equipment. Thankfully there is nothing to worry about since we may replace our old doorphones with new ones or even upgrade our intercommunication system by installing state of the art cctv devices. In most cases we will not be required to change the old wiring unless its cut or eaten. Our specialized technicians will replace the central panel located in the entrance of our building and the internal doorphones in each of the apartments, with new ones. Once we are done, you will enjoy an up to date intercommunication system while also maintaining absolute control in the entrance of your residence.


The hybrid approach

With the assistance of modern technology we may choose the installation of a hybrid system. Such a system will allow the use of doorphones and cctv devices simultaneously. Each resident may choose their own device, based on their specific needs and financial capabilities without interfering with the choices of the rest. DC Security will conduct a thorough study of your residence and create a unique,custom made solution for your needs and your budget. We will provide you with a low budget, high quality and immediate installation and supply you with the option to fully control your home.

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