Installation of an alarm system

In order to completely understand how to install an alarm system we need first to familiarize with its basic components and functions.


A complete alarm system includes the following components:

A. Magnetic Contacts

Magnetic contacts are installed in each opening (doors, windows, rolls etc). They are always hidden inside the relative frame and thus protected from external  threats. Their color can be found in many variations so that they will be in perfect alignment with your personal décor. A special thermal glue may used to install the contacts inside each frame. Alternatively we could  screw the contacts into the frame by choosing the appropriate set of contacts.

In case we own a garage, a special steel-made magnetic contact will be used. It has impressive durability against humidity and other harmful external factors and can withstand easily the pressure applied by  cars when entering and leaving the garage.

Magnetic Contacts
Motion detectors

B. Motion detectors

Motion detectors (commonly referred to as Radars) have the ability to detect every single movement in their area. They are usually installed upon the wall at a 2m height, using a special base and in such a way to always target the openings of the space they are monitoring.

Motion detectors supply an additional line of security in case the magnetic contacts are breached. They are divided into two main categories : simple motion detectors and Pet motion detectors.

The later (Pet motion detectors) are ideal if we own a pet. In that case when the alarm system is armed, the radars detect movement only if the object is heavier than a specific weight value thus allowing our pets to move freely into the house without interrupting the alarm system.

C. Keyboard

The keyboard (commonly referred to as control panel) is the link between the end user and the core system. A user may check and modify the settings of the alarm system by simply using the keyboard. It is usually installed close to the main entrance so that we can have direct access to arm and disarm the alarm.

The initial programming of the alarm system is completed through this keyboard by an  authorized technician. The control panel will also provide us with all the necessary information to verify that our system is in perfect health. We may also extract additional info such as the exact time an alarm was activated as well as which sensor triggered the alarm and from which room.

External siren

D. External siren

The external siren is a core mechanism of the alarm system. Its main function is to immediately warn the residents and neighbors if case of an emergency.

It is usually installed in a hard to reach place and power is provided using a cable directly from the central system unit. A battery is also installed in case of a power failure.

It’s especially designed to withstand heavy tampering. A plastic box on the outside surrounds a metallic shield that protects the heart of the siren. The device is equipped with a special tampering switch that automatically activates the alarm immediately in case of a breach.

There is a wide variety of sirens we can choose from. Their main characteristic Is the volume that is usually between 112 and 120db and the light (beacon) that is activated alongside with the siren in case of a breach.

E. Internal siren

This devices is installed internally and serves as an alternative in case the external siren is neutralized. It’s quite small in size and respects your home décor. Its installed close to a motion detector or directly above the main unit. Its volume can reach up to 120db and is also equipped with a special tampering switch.

Internal siren
Main unit

F. Main unit

The main unit is literally the heart of the system. Its installed inside a special metallic box that can be locked for further security. Inside that box one will find the main board along with the system’s batteries that provide the necessary power in case of a power failure.

The alarm system’s functionality is defined by the main unit. Their main characteristic is the zones that they can support. Additionally we may include a number of modules upon the main unit such as a kit that doubles the available zones, a kit that comes at a very low price.

Since 1996, DC Security has installed a numerous amount of security home alarm systems. We will provide you with a high end security system, installed by seasoned technicians. Let us help you maintain your peach of mind by installing a bulletproof alarm system.

Signal receiving center

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