Frequently Asked Questions2017-05-05T13:37:38+02:00

Frequently Asked Questions

May I move freely in my space if I have previously activated the alarm?2017-05-03T12:36:17+02:00

Most modern alarm system include the night arm feature. If we activate our alarm by using this feature, we may move freely in our house. Practically, we override the radar devices and the rest perimeter systems take over the security of our area (magnetic contacts, glass break detectors, external detectors etc).

May I install an alarm system in my house if I own a pet?2017-05-03T12:36:32+02:00

Up and until a few years ago pets were causing malfunctions in every alarm system. We had either to keep the pets away from the surveillance areas to avoid triggering false alarms or even deactivating the alarm in the specific areas.

As years passed by and technology advanced, manufacturers created special detectors to face and solve the specific problem. By using these detectors we avoid all of the above issues and our pets may move freely throughout the areas we have allowed it!

How often do I have to service my alarm system?2017-05-03T12:36:37+02:00

Every alarm system requires rechargeable batteries. One battery is used to power on our centre in case of a power failure. We also require an additional battery for each external siren installed in our system.

In territories with often power failures, or in facilities/homes with electrical issues the batteries may suffer from often charge/discharge. Under normal circumstances, our batteries will need to be replaced every two years. Beyond that, their power is greatly reduces in case of a power failure.

During maintenance, we will replace all the batteries of your system that need to be replaced. Additionally we will check every single zone and clean all the detectors from the accumulated dust.

Why is the siren activated after a power failure?2017-05-03T12:36:42+02:00

If the siren is activated after a power failure, we will have to replace our central battery. Since our central battery is not operational and in case of a power failure, the siren activates the alarm by using its own battery, since it detects a complete voltage drop, a situation similar to a malevolent incident (cutting the siren cable).

Can I connect my alarm system directly to the Police?2017-05-03T12:36:47+02:00

An alarm system may and should be connected with a Signal Receiving Centre. In case of an emergency, the system will notify the centre through an appropriate signal. The centre will then notify the Police or the local fire fighting department. It is forbidden by law to directly connect an alarm system with the police.

What is a Signal Receiving Centre and what does it do?2017-05-03T12:36:52+02:00

A signal receiving centre employs advanced trained personnel with the relevant police identification, that operates signal receiving equipment on a 24h basis. The centre automatically tracks the signals received from our alarm system and acts accordingly (it will notify us and the relevant authorities).

In general terms, the centre may be notified on the following:

-Breach signal and the specific room it was received

-Personal threat signal

-Medical emergency signal

-Fire detection signal

-Breach in the wiring

-Battery power drop

-Main power (220 V) drop

-Disarm in case of a threat

-Keyboard lock in case someone is trying to guess our pin

-Alarm arm/disarm user log

-Phone line check every 24 hours

-Battery status check

Is there a way I can be notified every time my alarm system is activated?2017-05-03T12:36:58+02:00

If we do not require coverage from a signal receiving centre, we can install a device that will notify us via voice messages or text (SMS, email). These devices (voice machines, GSM/Internet modules) will notify us if an alarm is activated or a technical issues emerge (power failures,low battery voltage etc) and depending on the individual model, they may offer us further information (system status, arm and intrusion events, zone breaches etc). Additionally, there are certain models that can arm and disarm our system.

In case of a security breach, may I be informed if the phone line is cut off?2017-05-03T12:37:03+02:00

Connecting our alarm system with a signal receiving centre or a voice answering machine requires a functional phone line. If our phone line is not available then the alarm cannot communicate with the signal receiving centre or us.

We may overcome this issue by install GSM modules. These devices can use a SIM card to communicate through the available mobile networks.

Can the alarm system notify the signal receiving centre in case of an emergency, without the burglar noticing it?2017-05-03T12:37:08+02:00

Every modern alarm system incorporates the so called silent update feature. This feature may be used via the following ways :

i) silent panic button : usually installed under shop counters (in case we are in a business environment) or inside home bedrooms etc. If pushed, a signal is send even if the alarm is not armed.

 ii) threat password : we may use this password instead of our standard one, if there is a burglar in our place asking us to disarm the alarm. By typing the threat password the alarm is disarmed but a signal is sent to the signal receiving centre.

Do I need a keybord?If yes, then how many may I need?2017-05-03T12:37:42+02:00

Through the keyboard we may read the status of every sensor installed in the area we are surveying. Additionally by using a personal pin, we may activate/deactivate part of our system or even all of it. We may install more than one keyboard if we wish to access its functionality from many different places (we may install keyboards next to entrance doors, garages, hallways and even different floors).

I forgot to activate my alarm system, what can i do ?2017-05-03T12:37:47+02:00

You may use the remote arm and disarm feature of your alarm system, using an app from your mobile phone, sending a simple SMS or just calling to your phone number. If your alarm system is currently unable to perform any of the above, we may be able to upgrade it with the least possible cost.

What is a GRPS connection and how do i use it?2017-05-03T12:05:13+02:00

In order to ensure the continuous signal transmission from our alarm system to the signal receiving center, even if our phone line cable is cut, we can use an advanced communication device. This specific device will use a simple SIM card and maintain continuous communication with the SRC using the available mobile network, through the GRPS technology protocol.

Can i install security cameras in common spaces?2017-05-03T12:37:58+02:00

If we wish to install a cctv in a common space we need to comply with the following terms :

  • Definite and special consent of each and every resident or a written decision from the General Meeting. In such a case, the consent of all the residents for a future camera installation must be declared.
  • The cameras’ orientation may not include adjusting houses,streets and pedestrian areas.
  • The building’σ manager is considered responsible inform guests and residents alike that the building is under surveillance.

For further information you can visit the Data Protection Authority website.

Is it legal to install cameras in a hotel?2017-05-03T12:38:03+02:00

Installing security cameras on a hotel facility is only allowed if we comply with the following terms :

The editing responsible will have to inform by any means available (special signs etc) that the place is under surveillance.

The cameras may be installed only in the central entrance and in common spaces.

Install cameras to control room entry is forbidden.

The hotel owner is considered to be responsible for the data records.

You may require further information at the Data Protection Authority website.

How many recording hours can a dvr hold?2017-05-03T12:38:08+02:00

Every dvr is equipped with a hard disk drive, responsible for safe keeping the data recorded from the cameras. Depending on the time limit (days,week,months etc), the number of cameras and the recording quality we would need to acquire the appropriate hard disk drive.

Why should i install a CCTV?2017-05-03T12:38:12+02:00

The installation of a closed circuit tv system will provide us with the option to monitor our place whenever we want from anywhere. We may examine older records, stored inside the hard disk of our dvr, to notice suspicious behaviour and prevent future break-ins. Additionally the mere existence of camera is one of the major factors that prevent burglars since the non-stop camera recording may and will lead to immediate identification of the burglars from the Authorities.

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