Security Cameras

You can use our application to determine the cost of security cameras’ system tailored to your needs.


Security cameras so you won’t have to waste your time!

Security cameras play a viral role in the safety of your home or workplace, since they can be a preventing factor for ruptures and break-ins. DC Security offers a large selection of cameras, having a choice for every budget. Our variety starts with advanced camera technologies to plain cameras for home use.

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Find the closest store to you near Attica and pay a visit for a full presentation of the security systems we can offer to you.

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Lowest price guarrantee

If you find a cheaper alarm system we will match our price or we will even offer you a lower price for your security system setup!

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Payment by credit card

We install your alarm system today, you pay for it later! Save money by paying up to 12 instalments using your credit card.

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Steps for a successfully secured place

Every place has its own attributes and requires special arrangement upon placing a security system. All our suggestions are tailored to your needs depending on your budget, and the most vulnerable access points of your house.

Create your own surveillance system

You can choose from a wide range of security cameras, which you can combine and create a tailor made surveillance system, in order to fit you security needs.
In DC Security, we provide you multiple types of security cameras; cameras providing both indoor and outdoor security, low light surveillance, night vision and remote control from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Furthermore you can choose whether your surveillance system will be hidden or visible, whether your cameras will be moving or steady and if the recording will be in black and white or full-coloured.

Security Cameras

Security cameras: good idea or bad?

Security cameras provide direct security to whom chooses to install them in their home or business. They offer a different approach of recording a place and they prevent ruptures and break-ins. All intruders watch a place closely before entering it. Αν δουν τις κάμερες ασφαλείας τοποθετημένες σε στρατηγικά σημεία στον εξωτερικό χώρο, είναι πολύ πιθανό να απομακρυνθούν αποθαρρημένοι.

To sum up, security cameras offer and additional feature to fight crime since even in the worst case scenario, they will record everything that might occur as an evidence. This by itself, can be an important lead for the authorities.

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