Medical Assistance Signal

We are proud to present you the most important colaboration has took place in Greece for the last 30 years!

24hrs Medical Assistance by pressing a single button

DC Security in a colaboration with Atlas Security, offers you a unique signal receiving center subscription in Greece with the ability to call for professional medical assistance the moment you truly need!.

It costs only 1€ / month!


How does it works?

From now and on, the medical assistant button that already exists in your alarm keyboard has a special meening for you and your beloved ones. Everytime you deal with a health issue or you need a medical advice, there is always a doctor for you to guide you, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year! Moreover, and if it’s found necessary, an Interamerican ambulance transportation at any hospital you prefer (public or private hospitals).

DC Security stands for its quality, consistency and reliability. Exactly what we need for our personal security and house safety!

  • Medical advices & guides from specialized doctors
  • Interamerican Ambulance transportation at any hospital is available