Wireless alarm systems

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Flexibility and protection gone wireless

The wireless solutions suggested by DC Security complete cover the needs of our time. We are using high end devices that respect your decor. Our certified technical team will suggest a high quality wireless system that will adjust to your needs, providing you with flexibility, protection and quality.

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Lowest price guarrantee

If you find a cheaper alarm system we will match our price or we will even offer you a lower price for your security system setup!

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Payment by credit card

We install your alarm system today, you pay for it later! Save money by paying up to 12 instalments using your credit card.

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Why choose us

Wireless alarm systems

Making your world safer

Benefits of a wireless alarm system

If your space is not equipped with the required cabling structure, meaning that the installation of a security system was not predicted, then the ideal solution for you is a wireless alarm system. In fact, our wireless systems may offer you far more advantages than the wired ones. They are extremely flexible since the devices interconnect using GSM/IP technology to support zone communication. The credibility of your wireless system should be your first and topmost concern. You should only trust famous manufacturers that offer high quality solutions and choose the one that covers your own needs.


Reduce wiring, Increase quality

Our first priority is to complete secure your space by studying each possible entry point.Together we can design and improve your security needs, providing you with support on every new change (e.x. New windows,doors etc).

Signal receiving center

6 months subscription Free

With each alarm system installation, we give you a 6 month subscription with a signal receiving center as a gift, by selecting the Standard or the Economic Package.


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