Home alarm system

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Secure your home and your family

Our company will provide the best home security system based on your way of life. Together will we create a system that covers your needs, maximizes your safety and respects your budgets. Our primary concern is to give you and your family the security you seek. Our goal is to offer you peace of mind either when you are inside or outside of your home.

5 Stores throughout Attica

Find the closest store to you near Attica and pay a visit for a full presentation of the security systems we can offer to you.

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Lowest price guarrantee

If you find a cheaper alarm system we will match our price or we will even offer you a lower price for your security system setup!

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Payment by credit card

We install your alarm system today, you pay for it later! Save money by paying up to 12 instalments using your credit card.

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Why do i need a home alarm system?

Home alarm system

Home system alarm architecture

  • Motion detectors: placed in strategic parts of your place, they monitor every move that takes place in your area.
  • Contact detector: installed on doors and windows, they produce a signal when a door or a window is opened.
  • Keyboard: usually installed near the home entrance,mainly used to arm and disarm the alarm
  • Sirens: immediate acoustic alarm in case of a burglary
  • Central unit: controls and receives signals from the peripheral devices, it is considered to be the core of the system.

Smart alarm systems for a secure home

Together we will design the ideal solution based exclusively on your needs. We will implement this solution immediately, so you may enjoy the warmth of your home without worrying about the safety and protection of you and your family.

Signal receiving center

6 months subscription Free

With each alarm system installation, we give you a 6 month subscription with a signal receiving center as a gift, by selecting the Standard or the Economic Package.


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