Wired maisonette (160cm2) home alarm system VANDERBILT (SIEMENS)

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VANDERBILT (SIEMENS) IC-60M-8 (8-16 ζώνες)

Control Panel VANDERBILT (SIEMENS) IC-60M-8 (8-16 zones)

VANDERBILT (SIEMENS) IKP6-03 με φωτιζόμενη οθόνη LCD

Keyboard VANDERBILT (SIEMENS) IKP6-03 with illuminated LCD screen

Sunlight 12V/7Ah

System Battery Sunlight 12V/7Ah

Sunlight 12V/1,3Ah

External Siren Βattery Real Battery 12V/1,3AH

AR400 120dB

External Siren AR400 120dB

AR700 110dB

Internal Siren AR700 110dB

Bosch Blue-Line (12m x 12m)

Motion Detector Bosch Blue-Line (12m x 12m)


Magnetic Contact ALEPH PS 1541


Installation, programming and demonstration of operation are included. Prices listed refer to the Attica area and the adjacent areas. For further away locations, there may be extra charges proportional to the distance. Prices do not include VAT.

This offer is for a maisonette with 160 cm2 surface. You have the opportunity to cover your home perimeter to an excellent price. The excellent Vanderbilt (SIEMENS), give you the most value for money package for your home. Vanderbilt has a big history in the sector of alarms and it is one of the most high quality ant top rated companies.

  • Experienced and certified technicians take care to install the alarm system.

  • For durability in time the wiring is stucked

  • Our priority the aesthetics of the space.

  • Discreet wiring installation with heat sealing

  • 2 years warranty.

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